The Role of the Art Dealer

Any true art dealer, whether a member of ADAC or not, performs an important function for his or her community and the world of art by discovering and exhibiting the works of new artists, as well as presenting exhibitions of veteran artists. These exhibits, open to the public, are of outstanding benefit to artists, museums, collectors, students and the community as a whole.

The conscientious art dealer, aware of the inexperience of the majority of the art-buying public, takes complete responsibility for the works he or she sells, and must be prepared--as are the Association's members--to attest to the truth of any representations made and to the authenticity of any work offered for sale.

As art dealers, members are primarily engaged in buying and selling works for a fair profit. No effort is made by the Association, and nothing in the foregoing statement of the Association's activities, is intended to deny the profit motive in the art dealer's business.

We believe, however, that through creative public services, community awareness and involvement, and the goodwill earned through adherence to the high principals and professional standards outlined here, our businesses and our role in the life of our statewide community will grow and intensify.

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