Code of Ethics

The Conduct of an art dealer can affect the public's attitude toward everyone in the field. ADAC has therefore established the following Code of Ethics, designed to promote and maintain standards benefitting everyone who seeks to deal honestly. Each member dealer is expected to:

Respect and protect the privacy of clients.

Maintain knowledgeability in his or her chosen field.

Fully disclose to clients the precise nature of all items to be sold. This includes furnishing in writing the exact conditions of originality or attribution, provenance, state, and other conditions that clearly set forth the exact status of each work.

Treat discreetly, responsibly and judiciously information obtained by virtue of his or her professional relations.

Work to protect the community against those who would engage in unethical or illegal actions. This includes cooperating with fellow members of the Association in enforcing this code by reporting or testifying about unethical or unfair practices to the officers of the organization.

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